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How much homework?

How much homework should my kids be getting in 1st and 2nd grade? My 1st grader has homework every night, including weekends. Doesn't that seem like a lot??? I'm wondering if it's because her teacher is new to teaching and really keen on making impact? I don't know... any advice??

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  • I teach in a public school and our district policy is (max.) 10 minutes per grade level. A 1st grader should have no more than 10 minutes; a 4th grader should have no more than 40 minutes. This does not include independent reading. That said, I don't believe that homework in elementary school helps children academically. Some argue that it helps children develop responsibility. I disagree. In elementary school, homework gets done because parents make sure it gets done and gets put back into backpacks. Advice: tell the teacher you will set a timer for 10 minutes, and whatever your child finishes is what will be turned in, and that your child will be spending the rest of her time playing outside, reading good books, helping with chores, and spending time with her family. Childhood is fleeting.

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  • I agree with   Mariel Howsepian . I have sent homework back to school marked..."She worked on this long enough, I am not making her finish."  It is ridiculous to have 5-9 year olds working "overtime" by doing homework.  If kids need 11-12 hours of sleep and are at school already 6 1/2-7 hours a day then they do not need to spend time on homework.  I think parents need to communicate this to the teachers. 

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