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homeschool room

Do you have a school room in your home, or does school happen everywhere?

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  • We have a school room. I love it! Makes everything much less distracting and organized. :)

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  • I wish I had a school room! Right now, we have kind of a school nook in the living room and do a lot of work at our large dining room table.

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  • We have a dedicated school room in our house. I knew that my son needed a dedicated place for school. It really helps eliminate the distractions of toys and TV. I really wanted a place that we could close the door and not have school everywhere in the house. It has worked well for us but I have seen many families be very successful with school happening at the kitchen table or in the living room.

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  • We had a school room for the first couple of years. However, my daughter really enjoyed being able to do her schoolwork wherever she chose. Sometimes it was in the horse stable. Sometimes it was in thr treehouse. Sometimes it was in her bedroom. Giving her the power to decide WHERE to learn was empowering for her.

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      • Mariel Howsepian
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      Educents User I love the idea of a child being able to do her work in her treehouse. It's a beautiful image. It's quite the opposite of a child in a desk in a crowded classroom.

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  • We made our formal living room our homeschool room, but school isn't confined to that one room. Some days we do school in the living room or kitchen table. We also like to do school outside at our patio table or with lapdesks.

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  • We have our school room in what would be the formal living/dining room. But we will do school work other places as well.

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  • We school everywhere. We live in a very small apartment, so school happens in bed, in the kitchen, in an overstuffed living room chair, in the bathtub, on the patio, on a walk, in the car, etc.

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