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Homeschool schedule

Last year I tried the 6 weeks on, and 1 off and it didn't work well. What other ways do you do school? I am getting ready to start a school year the first Monday in August. So I am looking at planning the rest of my year.

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  • We took the local public school calendar and modified it a bit here and there to fit our family. My kids participated in church and sports that public school kids participated in and it was easier for us if our school calendar was similar to that of the public school.

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  • We school for a short period of time Monday through Saturday most of the year. Our schedule is set up so the kids do school from 12 to 2 during those days. There are some days we do larger projects that take more time and we do 2 field trips a month, so it's not all set in stone. Then to compensate for the fact that we aren't schooling that many hours each week we do school year round. That makes it so that they don't have any learning slides or what not. We take short breaks when they are convenient to the family., but try not to take more than a week off at a time.

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  • We like schooling year round and take lots of breaks throughout the year. I like being able to go on field trips more often and not have to worry about feeling guilty about not getting school work done.

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  • In what way did it not work? We school pretty much year round, taking off formally only in June in order to focus more on PE, particularly extra swim lessons. We do a Tuesday through Friday schedule, 1-3 hours per day and use Saturday for enrichment lessons.

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  • My son does so much better when we have a consistent routine so we school almost year round. Most of the time we do a typical day with all our subjects but going year round gives us the flexibility to do a shorter day if needed. During summer or holidays we may just do 1 or 2 subjects or we may just catch up in an area that needs it. But we generally start every weekday the same .

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  • We school year round, taking breaks as needed. Our breaks aren't long. I think the longest we've been "on vacation" was four days. Our "school days" are short - no more than 2 hours. I like to keep it light and stretch out our work, instead of spending 6 hour days working (no fun for anyone) and taking long vacations.

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