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Why homeschool?

Why did you decide to homeschool?

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  • We decided to homeschool for several reasons. Before our daughter was born, my husband and I were both public school teachers (I still am), so we knew all of the negatives about public school. I don't just mean bullies. I didn't have any fear that my child would be bullied. I was concerned about peers. I do know that other people's homes are much different than mine, and some things that are acceptable in their homes are not acceptable in mine, and as a result, their children may not behave the way I would like my daughter's peers to behave. As a homeschooler, I like that I know my daughter's friends' parents. My husband and I also know that public school teachers are stretched too thin to meet every child's needs. If a child is "behind," the teacher doesn't have enough time to give the child targeted one-on-one instruction to get them "caught up." If a child is advanced, the teacher doesn't seek to further challenge the student. We also wanted to give our daughter an education that a public school can't offer. While it's possible to find an elementary school that, say, teaches one foreign language, it's very difficult to find a school that teaches two foreign languages, piano, jiujitsu, swimming, ballet, etc... By homeschooling, my husband and I can create a school with every subject we want. There are at least a dozen other reasons.

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  • There are many reasons to homeschool. Our main reason was our desire to teach our children from a biblical worldview. We wanted Jesus to be the center of their world.

    The sheer amount of time parents and children spend together in the homeschool environment can help to cement healthy, loving family relationships. I feel that parents should be the primary influencers in building their children's values and character.

    In a homeschool setting, learning can be individualized to meet each child's pace, gifts, interests, and style. Some are audio learners, some visual, some hands-on, so having the flexibility to incorporate their styles optimizes their ability to succeed at learning. (That is not to say that they shouldn't be encouraged to learn through styles which are less comfortable for them, though.)

    There are many other reasons to consider homeschooling, but these are a few.

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      Lee Ann Rubsam my husband and I didn't choose to homeschool for religious reasons (our primary reason was to challenge her academically), but being able to include things like Bible, hymn study, sacred songs in piano, and poetry with references to God have all been wonderful. I agree with you that time together is a huge plus. My husband is the stay-at-home parent, so my daughter gets to have a lot of time with her daddy, and I'm very grateful for that.

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