teach cursive?

Do you teach your kiddos cursive? Yes or no? Why/Why not?

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  • Yes. My daughter is 6. We started with cursive (instead of printing) because she was figuring out how to print on her own. I felt like why should I bother teaching her to write twice, first in print, then two years later in cursive? Why not just teach her cursive first? Her fine motor skills were abominable at first, but they've improved dramatically in just 8 months. One of the products we used was Channie's Cursive writing pad.

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  • Yes. My 15 yr old is dyslexic and dysgraphic. We finally began when he was 14. The public schools never taught it. 

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  • I actually JUST purchased cursive curriculum! My daughter is 7, and has some learning challenges, that include dysgraphia. Handwriting is our slowest subject! She has asked several times to learn cursive, so I am going to let her try it! After much research, I decided that the best fit for us is CursiveLOGIC. I'm still reviewing the webinar and preparing. Excited/anxious to try!

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  • We have taught cursive, but to be honest, our son is 13 and doesn't have great penmanship, to begin with.  We taught it so that he could read it when seen written by others and be able to write it if he needed to.

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  • Yes!  So my kids can write letters to friends and fill out applications for jobs, etc.

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  • Yes, I teach cursive. Many of my ancestors wrote their journals in cursive and I write mine in cursive. I want my children to be able to read those as well as I want them to be able to read historical documents. Also, there are many studies that show that writing in cursive is shown to improve brain development in the area of thinking, language, and working memory. Writing in cursive also stimulates both sides of the brain, as a result, it leads to increased comprehension. Educents has many cursive resources https://www.educents.com/search/?q=cursive+writing&ac=true#saburt

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