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year round schooling?

Do you follow a traditional school calendar, or do you school year round?

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  • We generally follow a traditional school year calendar, although I do have educational activities that we do during holidays or summer. I do try to keep us on some sort of routine as my son seems to do better when we have a consistent routine.

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  • We stay close to the traditional school calendar but tend to end a bit earlier than public schools and also take longer breaks.

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  • We pretty much follow the traditional calendar as well. I would love to shook year round, but I have a son with special needs in public school, so we pretty much follow his schedule. It keeps my kids is in school, so we are doing schoolwork.

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  • We school year round. We start in mid-May, and end in mid-May. Each of our three 12-week terms (or trimesters) is spread out over 16 weeks. It means we school more days, but for less time each day. And, we can take mini-breaks as needed. We always take four or five days off during the weeks of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, and we take a break of the same length at some point in the summer. We're also able to take off a day here and there as needed.

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  • We school year round taking breaks when we need to

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  • Because of our learning challenges (not officially diagnosed, but suspect working memory), we NEED to school year round! But I really enjoy it because it allows for SO much flexibility! We try not to miss an opportunity to learn, and because our style is very CM, it works for us!

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  • We don't really follow any kind of schedule.  I like to think we homeschool year-round, but we don't always do school in the "traditional" sense.  Remember, many parts of daily life are educational as well.  Cooking uses math and science, cleaning teaches life skills.  On our homestead, we don't start our "book work" until October or close to it.  This is because we're finishing up summer chores, butchering animals, buttoning up for snow and making sure we have enough wood.

    Long story short, we technically school year round but only use books for about 5 - 6 months out of the year.  Find a groove that works well for your family and run with it.  Afterall, the joy of homeschooling is being able to do it your way!

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