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daughter isn't reading yet

My daughter isn't reading yet. Should I be worried? She's 6.5 and recently finished Kindergarten. We have Bob Books and Hello Kitty first time reading products. Should I pressure her or should I just let her natural curiosity take hold? What age range is typical to start reading?

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  • Did your daughter attend school for kindergarten, or did you homeschool? If she attended school for kindergarten and isn't reading at all, I would be a little concerned. If she was homeschooled for kinder and isn't reading yet, I wouldn't worry, but I would get started teaching letter sounds and move on to consonant-vowel-consonant words as soon as she's ready. 

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  • Pressuring her too much could make the problem worse, so I would say relax a bit. She's still quite young. In the early years, there is a fairly wide developmental age span for when children begin to grasp basic skills. Those who are a little late in picking up reading tend to take off and catch up suddenly when they are ready for it.

    I would have her examined by an optometrist, just to make sure there is nothing going on in her sight which should be corrected. Then, patiently work on letter sounds, a couple of letters at a time, repeating as necessary. When she has letter recognition and sound mastered for a couple, move on to a couple more. Read to her a lot in the meantime, sometimes pointing out a word here and there and slowly sounding it out with her.

    Make reading together fun, and she will eventually want to do it on her own.

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  • Let her set the pace.  Don't push.  Read nursery rhymes, play the what rhymes with game and make up silly poems.  Sing songs.  Rhyming was the crucial step to reading for us!

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