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laundry routine?

What is your laundry routine at home? I've tried doing it all on one day and I've tried spreading it out throughout the week. Nothing seems to be great. It is one of those chores I just hate! Looking for any tips to make it more enjoyable, or at least less tedious.

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  • My kids do their own laundry and have since they were about 8. I taught them how to use cold wash so the colors don't fade and they don't have to sort. They have a small square basket to use for dirty clothes and then also to carry their clean clothes back to their room so they can fold, etc. Obviously, this took awhile to teach. They are both teenagers now and do it with no help. Now, when it comes to me doing the rest of the laundry...blah! :) I don't mind the washing and drying, but the folding and hanging up is my least favorite chore. 

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      Krista Mahan how long did it take you to teach your kids the whole laundry process, from washing to putting away? And I agree with you about the washing and drying being fine, almost enjoyable, but the folding and hanging up part being not so fun. But like Claire Diver said about not wanting clean clothes to pile up, the best solution I've found is to listen to a podcast while I put away clothes.

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  • I go to the laundromat, so I do everything at once. I don't personally love doing laundry, but I find that getting everything done at one time makes the chore easier. The other advice I'd give is, if you can, don't put off any part of the laundry process -- don't wait to fold the clothes once they are dry, for example. Just do it, or it's too easy for everything to pile up!

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  • I wash and fold. My kids put up. I do it twice a week. 

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  • toss your laundry in the washer & dryer at night while your kids are sleeping.
    fold clothes in the morning after :)) 

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  • We live off-grid so I do a small load every day. This way I don't get behind and everyone always has what they need. It takes no time since its one load and makes living in a small space comfortable. 

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  • So.. I have 5 kids ages 12 down to 1 month old. 

    I wash clothes on Monday Wednesday and Friday.  Tues/Thursday's I do towels and rags. Saturday is catch up day  (so like pool towels if we swim or put up any remaining clothes etc) and Sundays are sheets day. 

    The 6 10 and 12 yr old put away their own clothes. 

    The above 3 kids also help me sort and fold all of it  :)

    Doing it this way keeps the loads small (As small as possible with 5 kids lol) and easy to put away asap

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  • We do a load of laundry every other day. (There are only 3 of us.) On weekdays, if I start a load late, my night-owl husband puts the clothes in the dryer. I put away the clothes the next day, with the exception of my 6 year old's clothes. She puts those away herself.

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