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Autism after high school

My son is only a freshman, but he is struggling with the high school workload already. We are working towards setting goals for him for after high school. What have you done to help your kids prepare for after high school? Also, what have you done for your child's anxiety over not understanding a concept right away or thinking there is too much to do?

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  • I know that it's not popular for some families, but homeschooling during the high school years is often the answer.  Some teens are ready to learn math, essay writing and more on their own at home and enjoy taking one community college course per semester. Maybe keyboarding or a basic math or computer class to start.  (whatever their passion is) 

    Doing this from home, during what would normally be their high school years, can set our autistic kiddos up for success in a low-stress environment.  

    Although some students attend both high school and college, that lifestyle is extremely stressful.  Allowing our young adults to complete courses at their own pace at home while attending community college classes allows them to gain extremely valuable real-world knowledge and experiences.  It's a valid option and one that has become more and more popular in our nation as an alternative to extending childhood through 18 years of age.

    Graduate them from your homeschool, allow them to get their associate degree by the age of 18 and set them up for success before they leave the home. 

    College At 14

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